Weight Loss Coaching

You want to get fit, healthy or you want to lose weight. Maybe you want all of the above. We all should! And maybe you've tried a bunch of different diets and can't seem to get the scale to lose. That's not uncommon. After all, the average person tries dozens of diets in their life.

Since diets don't work, the weight doesn't come off and health doesn't improve. It all becomes a vicious cycle that can spin wildly out of control.

I'm speaking from experience. My life was, in fact, wildly out of control. But I figured it out. Read more about me here.

If you're motivated to get healthier, I'd love to hear from you. I have a few new services I'm offering this year. You can read the specifics below and let's get moving.



Training Services Traci D Mitchell

Which Service is Right For You?

The Belly Burn Challenge

  • Ideal for someone who is comfortable with community-style training. While you'll get personal emails from me, and I'll be on hand to any questions you may have, the group is there to support one another, which might be one of the greatest benefits.
  • The Challenge is also ideal for someone who is on a tight budget and wants to see a change in a shorter period of time.
  • This program is less customized than one-on-one coaching but comes fully loaded with meal plans, dozens of recipes, weekly workouts and much more. The goal of the program is to eliminate inflammatory foods that are triggering weight gain and fat storage. It's extremely effective.


The Power Diet & Fitness Evaluation

  • This service is ideal for anyone who needs a tune up, but doesn't want or need one-on-one or group coaching.
  • This is a "launching pad" service for someone who knows what they're doing with their diet and workouts already but needs a little more help refining things.
  • This is a customized one-off evaluation that is very comprehensive. The goal of this program is to set the stage for my client, allowing her to hit the ground running without any ongoing support. 


One-on-One Coaching

  • This service is ideal for anyone who wants to invest in their health and achieve longterm goals, from weight loss to athletic training.
  • This service is highly customized to my clients' needs, based on various factors, including travel, family, work schedule, meal planning, budget, food intolerances or allergies, etc.
  • Coaching is offered as a monthly subscription service or as a 6-month package (with 15% discount). The goal of this program is to make lasting changes, ongoing, centered around coaching and progress. 

Which service are you interest in? Traci D Mitchell Coaching