You want to hit a healthier weight, but never seem to have the time to get into a regular workout routine, or put together a plan to eat better. What if you didn't have to plan and prep to make a difference? Here are a few simple changes you can make in your lifestyle right now. Sure, you may want to see changes right away, but when it comes to living a healthier life day after day, slow and steady definitely wins the race!

What can you do, and what kind of difference can it make in your life?

1) Walking only 10 minutes more every day = just over 7 pounds of weight loss per year.*

The average woman is about 5'4" and 165 pounds (according to the CDC). If she chooses to walk an additional 10 minutes at a moderate pace (about 4 mph) every day, she could lose just over 6.5 pounds in one year. If you weigh more, you'll probably burn a little more. If you weigh less, you'll probably burn a little less. Regardless, it's worth the time.

2) Jogging (at a 10-minute mile) for 10 minutes more every day = just over 12 pounds of weight loss per year.*

The same woman also has the potential to lose over 6 pounds in one year by jogging at a 10-minute-mile for 5 minutes. The same rules apply to what you weigh and what you burn. Don't want to run every day? Then how about 10 minutes every other day? Keep in mind, the more vigorous the jog/run over the same period of time, the more you burn.

3) Jumping Your Fiber Intake from eating lower fiber (10 or fewer gram/day) to higher fiber (30 or more grams/day) = between 5 and 14 pounds of weight loss per year.**

This may sound too good to be true, but most people would be surprised at how little fiber they really eat. Insoluble fiber can't be absorbed and soluble fiber is a superstar in the field of lowering blood cholesterol. One study has shown that as much as 7 calories are pushed out of the body for every gram of fiber consumed. And other studies have shown that increased fiber intake (an additional 14 grams) can get rid of 5 pounds in 4 months (wow)!  Always try to get your fiber from  foods that are not fortified (food that have the fiber pumped in on the back end). Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are great sources for getting the fiber your body needs.

4) Substitute Water for One Can of Soda three times a week = just over 6 pounds of weight loss per year.

Every 12 ounce can of soda is 140 calories. If you're drinking multiple cans a week and cut back on just a few, you're also cutting out 420 calories a week, which equates to just over 6 pounds a year. FYI - soda alone does not apply. Sugary juices and alcoholic beverage, while they vary on caloric content, also play a role in weight loss (and gain).

Adding it up, total potential weight loss comes to over 30 pounds - all for making a few simple changes - in about a year.