This workout is all about time and done on intervals - even the strength exercises. The total time for this workout is about one hour and ten minutes. If you're really pressed for time and need to keep it under an hour, reduce the intervals by one set and you'll be wrapped up in no time. At the very bottom of the workout is an explanation of a the exercises.

Let me know how you do!

Circuit #1
5-Minute Warm Up at Easy Pace
1-Minute Fast Pace (about 1 minute per mile – or more – faster than easy pace)
1-Minute Easy Pace
Repeat fast/easy intervals a total of six times, ending on an easy pace (total run time = 17 min, including warm up)

NOTE: One interval is two minutes (easy + fast)

60 Seconds of High Knees
60 Seconds of Step Ups (alternate lead leg at 30 seconds)
Repeat high knees & step ups combination three times

Rest 2 minutes

Circuit #2
2-Minute Comfortable/Endurance Pace (now that you’re warmed up, this pace should be a little faster)
2-Minute Fast Pace (about 1 minute per mile faster than your endurance pace)
Repeat endurance/fast intervals a total of four times , ending on a fast pace (total run time = 16 min)

NOTE: One interval is four minutes (endurance + fast)

60 Seconds of Crossover Push Ups
60 Seconds of Straight Arm Plank
Repeat pushup & plank combination three times

Rest 2 minutes

Circuit #3
1-Minute Comfortable/Endurance Pace
3-Minutes Fast Pace
Repeat endurance/fast intervals a total of four times, ending on a fast pace (total run time = 16 min)

NOTE: One interval is four minutes (endurance + fast)

60 Seconds of Alternating Lunges w/ Arms Extended Straight Out
60 Seconds of Bridge Pose

High Knees
This is a great exercise that helps to work the hip flexors and stabilizer muscles through the area. It also works the shins and calves, too! The exercise is simple - jog in place, pulling your knees up past your hips toward your chest.

Step Ups
This exercise is ideal if you can do it on a step or bench that's high (18" or so). Start with one foot firmly placed on the step. Step up and come down without removing your foot. Repeat for 30 seconds on one leg, the switch legs. Try to complete about 30 step ups in 30 seconds. TIP: Don't let you knee pull in. Try to keep your knee in line with your toes.

Crossover Push Up
Begin in a traditional push up position. Cross your right arm over your left, and then bring your left arm under your right so your body is now diagonal from where you started. Do a push up. Cross your arms over in the opposite direction so your facing diagonal again, but on the other side of your body's midline. Do another push up. Think of your body as a clock. You start with your hands at 12 0'clock, move them to 10 0'clock, then over to 2 o'clock, performing push ups at 10 and 2.

Straight Arm Plank
Just like a plank, but with your arms extended straight out under your shoulders. The weight of this exercise rests on your hands and toes. Legs and back should be straight with no bend. Keep your shoulder blades pulled back and down so you're not rounding through the upper back.

Alternating Lunges w/ Arms Extending
Begin this exercise in a traditional lunge position, then extend your arms out to the side. Hold your arms out for the duration of this exercise. Complete one lunge, come back to standing, then lunge forward on the opposite leg. Your back knee should come to about three inches off the ground. Try to complete between 40 and 50 lunges per minute.

Bridge Pose
This exercise is great for working your entire backside. It's such a great exercise that I've devoted an entire post to it. Get details on bridge pose here