Whether you’re traveling by car, plane or just walking downstairs to your living room - it’s easy to fall out of the healthy eating and exercise routine at the height of the holiday season. No one can be perfect, but there are numerous things you can do to try to counter some of the excesses of the holiday season.

1) Say "No" to Food Pushers: “Are you sure you don’t want a little more?” “You could use a little more meat on your bones.” “Oh, come on, it’s the holidays!” Get ready for friends and relatives with the best intentions to tempt you with the season’s finest foods...or does that only happen in my world? If your holiday table looks more like a smorgasbord of incredible food, take small samples of food, eat slowly, enjoy and then stop. Don't eat to capacity.

2) Think Maintenance: Worrying about finding time to workout or keep the weight off over the holidays causes unneeded stress, can take away from the enjoyment of the season, and forces some people to throw in the towel with the "I-guess-I'll-just-start-again-after-the-New-Year" attitude . Your body won’t fall apart if you miss a workout or two. Unless you're training for an event, try to maintain your fitness by getting active every other day for 30 - 45 minutes, until your schedule gets back to normal. It would't throw in some "do-anywhere" body weight exercises, like those found in this Suitcase Cardio workout.

3) Water Down: Yeah, Yeah...you hear it all the time, but drinking a glass of water when you wake up, and then 15 minutes before every meal or snack with help regulate your appetite, help digestion and maintain your metabolism. Who wouldn't want that?

4) Stretch: Long distance travel and not moving as much can make even the most limber person tight. Take a few minutes out of your day to sit on the floor and reach for your toes. For an added stretch, try to keep your chin tucked under to your chest. If sitting on the floor isn’t your thing, simply cross one foot over the other and bend at the waist with your fingertips pointed to the floor.

5) Keep Eating: Skipping meals is just about as bad for your metabolism as over indulging. If you know a big meal is planned late in the afternoon, plan a couple healthy snacks earlier in the day. If reservations for brunch aren't until 12:30, eat a healthy breakfast. Not eating regularly slows your metabolism. The only thing worse than that is showing up to the table famished and ready to eat just about anything. Eat healthy. Indulge wisely. And enjoy the holidays!