A little jiggle through the middle is a bit, shall we say, uncomfortable for anyone. No matter how “rebel” you are with your diet, extra belly fat does a body no good. So, how do you lose it?

  • AVOID Fat Free Labels: A lot of diet foods boast their product as fat free. Fat free almost always means high sugar. High sugar is the kiss of death for belly fat.

    Not all fat free foods are bad (at all), but foods that bill themselves as fat free typically provide no protein, fat, or any other form of body-loving nutrients. Licorice, sorbet and pretzels – to name a few – are nearly fat free, but less than ideal as they’re converted to sugar in the body. If you focus on a diet that is nearly fat free, you WILL have weight problems (let alone health problems). All meals and snack should be fairly well balanced for your body type.

  • Eat Some PROTEIN with Every Meal/Snack: Protein not only turns your body type, the Apple, on, but it also helps to maintain even blood sugar levels and slows digestion. You’ll feel fuller longer.

    A couple of suggestions include Whole Grain Toast with a hard-boiled egg; dried cranberries w/ almonds; apple with peanut butter; carrots & celery w/ 1 oz cream cheese.

  • Just Say NO to Caffeine:  Often times, weight goes on through the midsection because of hormones that respond to stress, including cortisol and the adrenals. Cutting down on caffeine, including coffee, black teas, diet sodas, etc., can help balance things out.

    My caveat is green tea. In my opinion, green tea’s benefits are so great that it outweigh the downfall of caffeine. Besides, green tea contains a relatively small amount of caffeine (about 20 mg) in comparison to the average cup of Joe (about 100mg).  If you’ve been advised by a doctor to eliminate caffeine entirely, then do so. Green tea’s benefits also come decaffeinated!