No Excuses Workout #12

No Excuses Workout #12

This cardio/strength combo workout, in it’s entirety, will take you about 60 minutes to wrap up. Each strength combination set should repeat three times. Time Saver Tip: If you’ve got to wrap the workout up in less than an hour, you can shave off one or two of the...

Full Body No Excuses Workout #2

Here is your second installment of a workout you can do anywhere. All you need is a little bit of room, a little bit of time and a lot of heart. As always, it’s important to start with a good warm up. This workout gets progressively more challenging, and will...

Full Body No Excuses Workout #1

Once every week from now until the New Year, I’m going to send out a 45-minute get-your-butt-in-gear workout that you can do regardless of where you are for this holiday season. All of these workouts will be short, full-body exercises that need minimal equipment....
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