Thumbprint cookies are pretty classic this time of year, with the base of the cookie varying from shortbread to my grain-free dough and everything in between. I made this cookie with a homemade lemon curd and a store-bought strawberry jam. It's dairy free, and (can be) egg free, too. More on that below!


Lemon & Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies (aka Hallongrotta)

Here's a little trivia for you. Thumbprint cookies originated in Sweden and are called Hallongrotta, meaning "raspberry cave".  I never knew this before! So maybe I could just call these cookies "lemon caves" or "strawberry caves". I actually grew up with these cookies including the raspberry filling, but because my kids like strawberry so much, I made half the batch with strawberry jam.


Dairy & Egg Free Cookies

The cookie portion of this recipe is completely egg and dairy free, so if you're restricted from having eggs, and a few people have recently emailed me to tell me they are, this is a great cookie base for you.

Despite the simplicity of the dough, it really holds up well. With only four ingredients, it makes an easy-to-prep cookie. In fact, if you're making cookies with kids, this recipe is perfect as there are no eggs to crack and no small amounts of ingredients to measure, like baking soda.

The lemon curd is pretty heavy on eggs, so making the entire batch with any store-bought jam will work as an alternative. Strawberry tastes great, but so does raspberry or even a good marmalade.

Jam or lemon curd don't have to be your only fillings. You can really add just about anything to the center of these from chocolate to honey-infused peanut butter.


Delicious Homemade Lemon Curd

If you're good with the eggs in the lemon curd, I highly recommend taking the time to make it. It's really delicious but you'll end up with a little extra after you fill the cookies.

You can add the extra lemon curd to a few different things, including to plain yogurt, on top of granola or to a bowl of fresh fruit.

Lemon Thumbprint Cookies


Lower in Sugar

As with most of my baking, these cookies are significantly lower in sugar than their full-sugar counterparts. In fact, the cookie base only has 4 tablespoons of honey, which comes to less than 3 grams of sugar per cookie, not including the filling.

These cookies keep well in a sealed container at room temperature or refrigerated.


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