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21-Day Pear Shape Meal Plan


The 21-Day Pear Shape Meal Plan was created for those who store excess fat almost exclusively through the lower body, especially the hips, thighs and lower belly area (below the belly button).  This meal plan helps to balance the hormones that are triggering excess fat storage.
This exclusive Pear-Shape meal plan includes:

  • A 3-week schedule of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
  • Delicious recipes
  • A One-Day Primer Cleanse at the beginning of every week
  • Great tips and advice from Traci to get you going
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Do you think you're a pear-shaped body? Do you carry some extra weight through your hips, thighs and lower belly area? This is one of the most common body types of women under 50 years old. Women over 50 can certainly carry weight below their waistline, but after menopause kicks in, it's not uncommon for more fat to start creeping north toward the belly area.

So why do some women gain weight through thier hips and thighs, taking on the typical "pear shape" and others don't? It's hormones! Women who store more fat in the pear shape region have a greater ratio of estrogen to progesterone, two important sex hormones. This isn't to say that a pear-shaped woman has high estrogen, rather the ratio is greater than what it should be.

The solution is to increase the amount of foods that naturally reduce the amount of estrogen, bringing things back into balance, helping to reduce body fat from the trouble spots. The Pear Shape Meal Plan is a 21-day plan that gives you three weeks of meal plans and recipes that are not only good for you, but they help to balance hormones, too.