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Chicago-based personal trainer, Traci D Mitchell

Chicago-based personal trainer & diet expert, Traci D. Mitchell

Traci D Mitchell is a nationally-recognized nutrition and fitness expert. Featured on Dr. Oz, The TODAY Show, in SELF and SHAPE magazine, and numerous other media outlets. The cornerstone of health and a high quality life revolve around how we move and what we eat. Read Traci’s full bio here.

Thinking about working with Traci? Read what other people have to say:

Traci creates unbelievably compelling workouts that challenge both the mind and body.  Her programs and routines deliver fitness results – loss of inches, loss of body fat, increase in strength and speed and they are varied so there is no boredom!  One of the best fitness experts with whom I have worked!  I highly recommend Traci for anyone looking to take charge of their fitness and wellness. – Jennifer


Traci is a tremendous coach and mentor to help improve my overall health and wellness, and lose weight.  She is an intelligent, experienced nutrition expert and fitness coach.  She can take a lot of information and distill it into a simple approach to eating and exercising that is both successful and manageable.  I learn something from every blog post, workout and personal conversation. – Laura


I have worked with Traci as my trainer for 5 years.  She is professional, motivating and knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and training.  She listens to me and creates a personal work out regime just for me taking into account any special areas or injuries I might be concerned with. She is personable and easy to work with. I have also benefited from her nutritional knowledge which is vast. 

 Services Include

  • Food Journal Evaluation
  • Diet Assessment & Coaching
  • Personal Training & Weight Loss Coaching
  • Corporate Wellness Speaking

Phone & Video Chat Sessions

Regardless of where you are, staying accountable to a diet and exercise plan has never been easier. Schedule your appointments at a time that works for you, whether you’re at home, in the office, working out of town, or on vacation.

Food Journal Evaluation
You are what you eat, so what are you eating? Chances are if you’re not able to lose weight, the food you’re eating is holding you back. Some people eat too much, too little…or the wrong foods all together. Download this free food journal and track three days of what you’re eating. With this package, you receive a 30 minute pre-evaluation phone conference, a full food journal evaluation, and a 30 minute post-evaluation phone conference. Cost: $185/evaluation 

The Kick Starter
Just need to get ball rolling, or only need a little direction? The Kick Starter is two (2) sessions per month (once every other week). Sessions are 30 minutes long and done via phone or video chat. Cost: $85/month Schedule your appointment.

The Motivator
Don’t slow down! Keep your healthier habits going with the motivator. Four (4) sessions per month (once weekly) will get your body on the fast track to looking good. Sessions are 30 minutes long and done via phone or video chat. Cost: $160/month Schedule your appointment

The Body Changer
Anything can be accomplished with persistence and good intentions. This package is built around eight (8) sessions (twice weekly) to keep you accountable and on track. Sessions are 30 minutes long and done via phone or video chat. Cost: $300/month Schedule your appointment.

Personal In-Home Training (Chicago only)
Work with Traci face-to-face to reach your body’s potential. A veteran of the fitness industry, Traci has coached groups and individuals for over 12 years. Her personable, yet motivating approach are the perfect combination for optimal training.  One-on-one, partner and small group training is available. Contact Traci to schedule an appointment. 

Corporate Wellness Speaking
Diet and exercise work like medicine. A company that fails to integrate the basics of nutrition and fitness into its culture lacks productivity. Healthy employees are simply more productive. Bring Traci into your company to educate, connect and motivate your employees to live and work at their healthiest. Contact Traci today. 

**All clients will be invoiced prior to the first appointment.**  

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