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Traci has worked with clients for 14 years, combining both fitness and weight loss coaching in her approach.  Her practice is based around functional fitness and a “non-diet” approach to eating. Traci’s clients achieve phenomenal success within just a few weeks and maintain their weight loss and muscle tone while enjoying their health and vigor!

Traci holds a masters degree in Health and Nutrition Education, and is a certified personal trainer. She is the author of The Belly Burn Plan and has been featured on The TODAY Show, Dr. Oz and Steve Harvey, as well as in The L.A. Times, Shape, SELF, New Beauty, Inside Fitness and many more.

Work with Traci

There are a few ways you can get healthier with Traci!

Pick up a copy of The Belly Burn Plan

  • This option is great for anyone who is self-motivated
  • This works best for someone who needs detail and structure when it comes to meal planning and workouts in book form
  • This book is especially helpful for people who fall into the Apple Shape, Pear Shape, Hourglass Shape or Inverted Pyramid Shape Body Type.
  • This is the best option if you have a limited budget, but absolutely want to invest in your health through smart guidance!

Work with Traci 1-on-1

  • This option is great for people who want direct coaching from Traci
  • A 1-on-1 client prefers to work longterm to see lifelong results
  • This style of coaching requires regular availability and commitment to connect with Traci between frequently
  • The greatest benefit of 1-on-1 is the ability to pin point the exact needs of a client beyond the scope of what a book can do.
  • If you’re interested in this option, please fill out this form below.


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