After many failed attempts at creating a bar that had a good amount of protein, some fat and some carbs, I finally got the taste and the proportions right.  Each of these  bars is about 115 calories, with 4g fat, 12g carbs and 8g protein. The best part is they’re easy to make and require NO BAKING. I love the sea salt added at the very end. It really brings out the flavor. Let me know what you think, or if you have any tweaks of your own.

Homemade “Zone-type” Protein Bars
Yields 12 bars

4 c. any crunch low sugar cereal* (I used an organic knock-off of Cheerios)
3 Dates, chopped
½ c. Chocolate Protein (I love Isagenix)
½ c. Water
¼ c Peanut Butter
¼ c. Fresh Ground Flax Seeds (unroasted)
½ tsp Coarse Sea Salt

Chop dates and set aside. In large bowl, combine protein powder, water, peanut butter and flax seed. Stir until well-mixed. Add in dates and continue mixing. Lastly, add the cereal as is. Coat thoroughly. Pour into an 8 x 8 pan. Use a piece of parchment paper or plastic wrap to press firmly into pan. The final step is sprinkling the sea salt over the top. For me, the coarse sea salt is the home run. You can substitute finer sea salt if you don’t have coarse. Refrigerate for at least two hours. After solid, cut and enjoy.

*The cereal can be anything that crunchy, but not too absorbent and not too sugary. If you use something like a puffed rice cereal, the bars will probably be a little soggy. If you use a cereal with added sugar, you’ll throw off the amount of carbs, add sugar and probably make the bars too sweet. That said, I made one batch of this recipe with gluten free Puffins. My husband loved them, but I thought they were too sweet.

Do you have a favorite protein bar recipe? Share it with me on Facebook. If you have question about a foods for your body type, exercises that work well with your body or just about anything under the sun related to health and fitness, you can ask it there!

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