Ever wonder what functional foods really are? Functional foods include those that  form a symbiotic relationship - meaning they work together to make things happen. You get more out of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients by combining certain foods.

Here is a quick list of ten nutrients, and how to make them work harder in your body by combining two foods together!

1) Tomatoes + Olive Oil = increased Vitamin A absorption

  • Think caprese salad.
  • Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a big role in good vision.

2) Mushrooms + Ground Turkey = increased Vitamin D absorption

  • Think turkey burger w/shrooms.
  • Cancer fighter, blood sugar regulator, eczema healer...Vitamin D can do it all.

3) Almonds + Blueberries = increased Vitamin E absorption

  • Think yogurt topped w/ berries and almonds.
  • Vitamin  E has been shown to reduce cholesterol, improve heart health and prevent strokes!

4) Kale + Eggs = increased Vitamin K absorption

  • Think an omelet with kale.
  • Vitamin K is needed to help us stop bleeding.

5) Chicken Breast + Avocado = increased Vitamin B3 (niacin) absoprtion

  • Think chicken tacos with guacamole.
  • We can't breakdown protein, carbs or fats without B3!

6) Salmon + Romaine Lettuce = increased Vitamin B6 + B12 absorption

  • Think salmon Caesar salad...homemade dressing, of course!
  • B6 is an immune system booster, and B12 is critical in keeping our DNA in check.

7) Seeds (i.e. chia, sunflower, poppy)  +  yogurt = increased Calcium absorption

  • Think homemade yogurt parfait with seeds layered within.
  • Bones need calcium, but so do our nerves to talk to one another.

8 ) Chickpeas + Broccoli = increased Iron absorption

  • Think hummus + vegetables, particularly broccoli.
  • If you need oxygen and energy, you need iron.

9) Cod + Brown Rice = increased Magnesium absorption

  • Think baked cod with a side of brown rice.
  • You'll stress less with a good amount of magnesium.

10) Tomatoes + Cottage Cheese = increased Probiotic absorption

  • Think chopped tomato with cottage cheese.
  • Give you belly the love (and bugs) it needs with probiotics.