The Inverted Pyramid Meal Plan helps people who have a body type that typically gains weight throughout their upper body, especially through the upper arms and back. There is a little bit of belly fat, but most of the body fat is held toward the top of the body, creating the "inverted pyramid" shape.

The Inverted Pyramid (AKA 'Triangle') Body Type

Inverted Pyramid Triangle Body TypeIf you're this body type, you're in good company. Giselle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore all have an Inverted Pyramid body shape.

So now that we've established you've got a great bod, let's get down to the nitty gritty of how to get rid of fat where it shouldn't be. This Inverted Pyramid Plan (below) is just two days, but you can pick up The Belly Burn Plan and get a six-week program, along with all the recipes you need. So don't sweat it!


Do you have an inverted pyramid-shaped body?

  • You probably have broad shoulders that build muscle easily and a body that tapers through your hips.
  • You have a tendency to gain weight in the upper body (chest, back, upper arms), and sometimes have a pronounced pot belly.
  • You may have a larger chest and some fat the creeps around your back and upper arms.
  • This type has a tendency to crave meaty, fatty meals and savory foods instead of sweet.


Foods to Avoid for Your Body Type

  • Butter and high-fat cheese.
  • Salt and salty foods.
  • Red meat and shellfish.


Meal Size for the Inverted Pyramid

  • light breakfast
  • light lunch
  • large dinner (try not to eat too late, preferably before 7 pm)


Serving Sizes/Calories

You’re probably wondering how many calories you should eat, or how much food you should put on your plate. The answer is different depending on gender, activity level, natural metabolism, age, stress level, etc.  Instead of focusing on calories, focus on portion size.

The Inverted Pyramid Meal Plan

Fill out the form above to get your Inverted Pyramid Meal Plan ASAP. After you get it, you'll be well on your way to eating right for your body type. A few more tips.

The Focus of Your Meal Plan

Salt, red meat, and high-fat dairy are three things to watch in your diet. Breakfast and lunch are both fairly light. At the end of the day, relax and enjoy a larger healthy dinner - it's your meal of the day. Try to wrap dinner up by 7 pm. You don't need a lot of food in your stomach by the time you head to bed.