Here’s my short list of a few diet tips that tend to fall under the radar of weight loss, eating right and living healthy!

15-Minute Water Rule: About 15 minutes before every snack or meal, drink a glass of water. This “rule” is great because it helps you stay hydrated, and reduces the potential for overeating during a meal. What’s more maintaining hydration promotes a more optimal metabolism.
TIP: The average adult should drink about half his body weight in ounces. (e.g. 140lbs = 70oz H20).

Don’t Eat to Capacity: So many of us eat too much at one meal. If you’ve ever said, “I’m stuffed,” or “I can’t eat another bite,” you’ve eaten to capacity – or at the very least, discomfort. This tip goes hand-in-hand with the 15-minute water rule. You’re less likely to splurge if you feel like you’ve got something in your stomach – even if it’s water.

Watch the Caffeine: A lot of us love our morning Joe, but coffee – as well as other caffeinated beverages – could throw your diet into a tailspin. Why? Too much caffeine raises cortisol levels, which ultimately makes the body increase its energy stores (aka fat), which tends to show up around the midsection. If you've gotten in the routine of having an afternoon coffee or soda, try to cut back. If you more the type to drink it all down in the AM, consider easing off a little.

Increase Fiber: In general, foods that are higher in fiber are inherently healthy. If you make a conscious effort to increase your fiber in a couple meals a day, you’ll eat healthier. Additionally, a higher fiber diet promotes weight loss. Get an idea of foods that are high in fiber here.

TIP: Foods labeled as “high fiber” have 5+ grams of fiber.

Check the Label: If a food has a majority of its carbohydrate calories from sugar, don’t eat it. It’s printed right in the nutrition facts on every product. Remember that every gram of sugar has four calories. There are a lot of unsuspecting products out on the market labeled as “light” or “low cal” that are loaded with refined sugar. Unfortunately, since they’re marketed as “diet foods” you’re likely drawn to them to enhance your weight loss potential. Sugar is addictive – and I’m not talking about the type of sugar you get from fruits and vegetables! Cut out refined sugar for just one week and you’ll feel (and probably see) the difference.

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