Hourglass body types typically distribute body fat evenly throughout their body, but tend to show it more in their faces, arms and knees. Naturally, hourglass body types carry excess fat through their belly, which is detrimental to their health, but it’s not the only place fat is stored.

The reason we all gain weight differently, with some people storing fat as Apple, Pear or Inverted Pyramid body types, is hormones. The foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead greatly influence hormones in storing fat in specific spots.

If You’re an Hourglass

  • Your weight gain is evenly distributed, noticeable in the face, but also around the knees, and sometimes ankles.
  • You might love dairy products, like ice cream, frozen yogurts, cream-filled pastries, sour cream, cheese, etc.
  • You might also be hooked on caffeine, particularly coffee and black tea.

Cravings to curb
Hourglass figures need to avoid the following foods:

  • Coffee, black tea, colas: it makes no difference if they’re unsweetened or not. Avoid them. If you’re drinking a lot of caffeine right now, ease off slowly cutting back over three days. Substitute decaf, or at the very least, drink green tea.
  • Dairy, especially high fat dairy. That’s not to say that other fats aren’t good for you – they are. But dairy fat is a no-no for your body.

Hourglass Body Shape TypeHourglass Meal Sizes
Hourglass body types should eat like an inverted pyramid:

  • Breakfast is the largest meal
  • Lunch is a moderate-size meal
  • Dinner should be ligh

Serving Sizes/Calories
You’re probably wondering how many calories you should eat, or how much food you should put on your plate. The answer is different depending on gender, activity level, natural metabolism, age, stress level, etc.  Instead of focusing on calories, focus on portion size.

Suggested Hourglass Meal Plan


Day 1

Breakfast: Omelet w/ vegetables (no cheese), sprouted grain or gluten free toast
Snack: ½ Pear + Almonds (only if hungry)
Lunch: Tuna salad (made with mustard and olive oil) over mixed greens w/ veggies
Dinner: Vegetable Soup


Day 2

Breakfast: ½ c. oatmeal w/ almond milk, cinnamon and walnuts. ½ apple w/ nut butter
Snack: Hard boiled egg
Lunch: Grilled chicken breast w/ plenty of steamed or roasted vegetables
Dinner: Chicken skewers w/ Cashew pesto (recipe)

The Focus of Your Meal Plan

Remember your body type does better eating a bigger breakfast, moderate size lunch and small dinner. Keep your diet fairly low fat, especially when it comes to dairy fat. Try to avoid caffeine, particularly coffee and black tea.

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