We all have those days when the alarm goes off and we just don't want to get out of bed. Ask anyone who is a regular morning exerciser, and they'll likely tell you the hardest thing about working out is pushing the sheet back and getting their feet on the ground. Here are 4 no-fail morning workout routine tips that will get you up, out the door and feeling great for the rest of the day.

  1. Before you go to bed, lay out your workout clothes and whatever it is you'll be wearing for the rest of the day. If you're going to work the next day, pack up your computer bag as well.  Do whatever you can the night before that will make things easier for you the following morning. Rolling out of bed, then realizing that you have 15-minutes of sorting and packing to do leaves the door wide open for excuses like, "I don't have time," or "I'll work out later."
  2. Don't forget about breakfast. One thing I do a few times a week is prepare my breakfast the night before an early-morning workout. I don't site down and eat a big bowl of oatmeal before a 6am run, but I know it's waiting for me when I return. I have a great little Thermos container that I fill with 1/2 of cup of oats, a handful of almonds and a handful of blueberries. The next morning, I add boiling water, seal the container...and like magic, I have my breakfast fully cooked when I'm ready to eat it two hours later. Oatmeal isn't the only thing you can prepare. How about hard-boiled eggs or a container of plain yogurt mixed with your favorite fruit. There are plenty of options. Give some thought to what's portable and healthy the night before.
  3. Don't make any decisions when your alarm goes off...just get out of bed. This may sound odd, but on cold, dark mornings, it's easy to rationalize reasons to stay in bed a little longer. "Do I really need to workout today?"  or "I'll get a good workout in tomorrow. I don't need to today."  When we're groggy, it's easy to come up with excuses we would never let ourselves get away with when we're wide awake. "I think I'm getting a sore throat; I should rest." " I don't think I slept very well; I need the rest." Roll out of bed. Get your day going first. If you're really under the weather, or too fatigued to workout - decide after you've been on your fee for a while.
  4. Know what your workout will be before you walk out the door. Whether you plan your workout a week in advance, or ten minutes before you leave your house, write down what it is you'll be doing. Even if your plan is to run for 30 minutes and stretch, it gives you a path to follow. Personally, I think workouts should be fun and something you enjoy. Planning out your workout in advance gives you a little time to be creative, or search for resources that give you fun workout ideas.
Do you have any tips for readers? Let me know!