Somehow sugar manages to sneak into absolutely everything. Kids' foods, snack foods and beverages are a few of sugar's greatest hide outs. I believe if we had more knowledge of how much sugar was actually in what we ate, we'd curb the habit.

Did you know that a typical medium fruit smoothie has over 20 teaspoons of sugar in it? Or that a fat free fruit-flavored yogurt has nearly 7 teaspoons of the sweet stuff? About that same amount is in a medium-size mocha coffee drink, too.

The point is, all the residual sugar that isn't in the form of candy or ice cream really adds up. We, as consumers, need to be aware of how much we're putting in our bodies.

Sugar is like a drug. The more we eat, the harder it is to stop. The less we eat, the easier it gets to walk away from a warm brownie or handful of pretzels (yep, they convert to sugar quickly and act the same way in our body).

For the most part, we all know that excess sugar consumption can lead to diabetes and obesity. But sugar can wreak havoc on our bodies in a number of other ways.

Here is list of 10 ways sugar can absolutely wreck your body. Hopefully it will motivate you to kick the habit if you haven't already.

1) Sugar suppresses your body's ability to fight off colds, the flu and viruses.

2) Sugar increases LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides.

3) Sugar fans the flames of cancer cells. It acts like an open window in a raging fire.

4) Sugar makes you age faster.

5) Sugar increases bad gut bacteria and decreases good gut bacteria.

6) Sugar makes you retain fluid. Puffy face, fingers or ankles anyone?

7) Sugar is closely linked to depression.

8) Sugar shrinks your brain.

9) Excess sugar can cause arthritis.

10) Sugar intake can lead to poor vision.

Watch your sugar intake. If you need a little extra help keeping sugar out of your body, try The Belly Burn Plan. It's helped thousands of people who are now eating much cleaner and living so much healthier!