running shoesThe Super Sprint Interval Run Workout is great because it starts out easy, gets challenging, repeats one more time – then it’s over. Depending on how much time you’ve got for your workout, you can be done with this in just over 15 minutes, or a little over a half hour. Believe it or not, the focus of this workout is all in the short sprints (between 30 seconds and 1 minute). They will boost your metabolism and change your body better than any slow and steady cardio ever could!

Equipment Needed: None
Total Time:
16 or 32 minutes

5 Minute Easy Jog
2 Minute Moderate Paced Run (comfortably uncomfortable)
1 Minute Fast Run (completely out of comfort zone)
30 Second Sprint (all you’ve got)
1 Minute Walk
3 Minute Moderate Paced Run
2 Minutes Fast Run
1 Minute Sprint
1 Minute Walk 

Run though once if you’re short on time, or twice if you’ve got more time to spare. 

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