woman running hardThis workout is everything you need to fry fat off your body, tone your legs and strengthen your core. This workout starts with running. If you’re not a runner, then substitute another form of cardio – anything will work. The goal is to get your heart rate up really high, then drop it down only to repeat it again.

After all the running is over, you’ll start your body weight exercises. Take the recovery in between sets as mentioned below – you’ll need it. Enjoy! This is one of my favorite workouts.

Total Workout Time: 60 Minutes
Equipment Needed: Towel

Warm up jogging for 10 minutes.

  • Walk for 2 minutes, bring heart rate down.
  • Do four (4) four-minute repeats with a 2-minute 
recovery between each interval.The speed of the interval depends on your cardiovascular fitness level. If you’re normally an easy 10-minute mile runner, push yourself to an 8:30 minute mile. If you’re normally an 8-minute miler runner, push yourself to a 6:30 minute mile.

    Remember you’re only doing each interval for four minutes (repeated 4 times).


  • A) 50 x Body weight squats (hips below knees)
  • B) 50 x Walking lunges
  • C) 50 X Squat jumpsPerform A, B and C in order three times with a 3- minute rest between each combination.
  • D) Plank with towel under feet. Pull knees in toward chest 20 times.
  • E) Walking Push Up with towel under feet. In pushup position, walk forward 10 steps, then back 10 steps. Don’t let feet come off towel at any point (dragging feet on ground).

          Repeat D and E in order three times with a 2- minute rest in between sets.

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