running shoesThis three-circuit workout incorporates running with body weight work. As the workout progresses, the more challenging it becomes. If you can’t run, then substitute some other form of cardio, such as indoor cycling or a ride on the elliptical machine. As the cardio moves from easy to moderate and then to fast, your effort level increases as well.






Total Workout Time: 40 – 45 minutes
Equipment Needed: none

Warm up with 5 – 10 minutes of cardio.

Circuit #1

  • 3-minute easy run.
  • 10 Burpees
  • 40-Second Wall Squat
  • Rest 1 minute, repeat two times

Circuit #2

  • 3-minute moderate run (~20 seconds faster)
  • 60-Second High Knees
  • 60-Second Plank
  • Rest 1 minute, repeat two times

Circuit #3

  • 3-minute fast run (30 – 40 seconds faster)
  • 90 Seconds of Walking Lunges (Alternating)
  • 60 Seconds of Push Ups
  • Rest 1 minute, repeat entire set once again


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