When it comes to breakfast, I'm often a creature of habit. As much as variety is needed in our diet, my morning meal almost always consists of soaked oats with almond butter or coconut oil, cinnamon, and maybe a handful of berries. As the beginning of another year rolls in, one of my resolutions is to broaden my breakfast options. Enter my Gorgeous Green Smoothie. 

Six weeks ago I had a baby boy. I was happy to take the time to bond with him and let my body get some much-needed R & R. When it comes to pregnancy, my body is a water magnet. The early part of my pregnancy is fairly typical with normal amounts of weight gain. But as the days dwindle down toward my due date, it's never uncommon for me to gain four pounds a week, every week, for the last month. Yes, that's about 16 pounds in one month alone!

Fast forward six weeks and all that water is long gone. That being said, my body still needs a little love in the nutrition department. My Gorgeous Green Smoothie hits the spot. It's simple (a very important component with a newborn and two school age children), loaded with nutrients that will help my body and quite delicious. 

One of the biggest mistakes I believe people make with their diet when they're trying to lose weight is avoid fat. Even though there are plenty of unhealthy fats our there that don't do our bodies one bit of good, there are lots of healthy fats that nourish our body from the inside out…and play a vital role in maintaining optimal weight. 

The main ingredient of my Gorgeous Green Smoothie is avocado. Paired with lime and spinach, it's a flavorful home run of vitamin C, vitamin A and B6. 

Vitamin C helps heal wounds, shorten colds and improve mood. 

Vitamin A helps slow or prevent inflammation, boost vision and improve skin tone and texture.

Vitamin B6 helps to breakdown protein, carbohydrate and fat, and maintain a healthy nervous system.

Sound good? Then give this smoothie a try. Let me know what you think!

Gorgeous Green Smoothie_FB 

Gorgeous Green Smoothie

Serves 1

1 1/4 cup water
1/2 Avocado
1 cup fresh spinach, lightly packed
1 lime, juiced (or 2 tablespoons of lime juice)
1 teaspoon stevia

 Blend all ingredients at high speed until smooth. Enjoy immediately!