There's a lot to be said for being wiser than your years, but looking older than your years? I think not. Food plays a big role in how we feel, as well as how we look. Drink plenty of water, sleep, eat fruits and vegetables and try to minimize intake of these three skin crushers.

Arguably the most obvious culprit in wrinkle-makers, sugar is known to form something in our body called advanced glycation end products (AGE). According to the American Heart Association, "dietary AGEs react with tissue proteins to form substances that reduce tissue elasticity and impede cellular function." Since our skin is a tissue, anything that reduces elasticity can in fact cause wrinkles, accelerating the formation of crow's feet, laugh lines and, well...sagging skin. We can't escape AGEs entirely as they're in nearly everything we eat, but we can reduce the amount in our diet by cutting out refined sugar.

A glass of wine or two every now and then is no big deal, in fact, it's considered healthy. But a few glasses of wine every night, or regular alcohol consumption can have an effect on our skin's aging process in a couple different ways. Alcohol consumption increases the flow of blood to the surface of the skin, dilating blood vessels. Over time, those dilated blood vessels can cause the skin to look red and blotchy, particularly on the nose and cheeks. What's more, aalohol also has a tendency to dehydrate us. Anything that removes moisture, or hydration from our body dries us out - and that means our skin, too!

Caffeine can also affect our skin in a couple ways. Caffeine and and cortisol, our stress hormone, are closely related. In fact, just one cup of morning coffee can elevate our  cortisol level by 30%. Stress and aging go hand-in-hand. If your life is over-the-top stressful, you might want to consider switching to decaf, or at least cutting back on the amount of caffeine you consume - in any form.  Like alcohol, caffeine has a dehydrating effect on the body.

Is there any good news?
Yes, as matter of fact there is! There are certainly plenty of foods that have a damaging effect on our skin and bodies, but there are also plenty of foods that can actually help us maintain that youthful, healthy glow.  Check out these  non-prescription ways to hang on to the years a little longer.