When most of us hear the word “fat,” we instantly think of a bulging waistline, but healthy dietary fat is not the same. There are a lot of reason why our body needs dietary fat to be healthy. Here are five that I think are pretty important.

  1. Reduces Cravings: Who here has ever finished a meal, and left the kitchen only to return a half hour later opening and closing the refrigerator door? Eating healthy fats helps regulate you keep cravings in check. What’s more, a meal with fat added to it will take longer to break down than a fat-free meal.
  2. Vitamin Sponges: Without dietary fat, your body would not be able to absorb vitamins A, D, K and E! If you’re good about taking your vitamins, but not good at adding healthy fat, these nutrients might not be as effective as you think.
  3. Fat Burner: As contradictory as it may sound, adding healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, omega 3s (fish and flax seed oil) and many others, actually turn your metabolism on. While some people need more fat than others, we all need healthy fats. If you’re relying on residual fats found in processed foods to fuel your body, don’t be surprised if you’re having a hard time shedding excess weight.
  4. Wrinkle Fighter: Omega 3s and extra virgin olive oil play a role in keeping our skin vibrant and supple. In fact, extra virgin olive oil is rich in oleic acid, which is great for your skin on a cellular level.
  5. Brain Power Enhancer: Omega 3s, in particular, have been shown to play a critical role in brain function. Again, omega 3 fatty acids can be found in abundance in fish oil (in supplement form), salmon, walnuts, flax seeds and flax seed oil. For more information on plant sources of omega 3s, go here.


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