Over the last couple days, I've written about foods that are right for your body type. Today I'm moving onto dinnertime. Need a recap? You can always jump back to the breakfast edition and the lunch edition.

Here are a couple ideas for dinner for each body type:

Pear Shape Dinner (larger meal, complex carbs, moderate protein, lower fat)

Apple Shape Dinner (moderate-size meal, higher protein, lower carb, no caffeine, add a little extra healthy fat)

  • Baked Chicken Thighs with steamed spinach and a small side of brown rice (tossed with sea salt and coconut oil)
  • Beef Tacos (in corn tortillas) topped with a little cheese and tomato. Side of avocado.

Athlete Shape Dinner (larger meal, low sodium, low dairy fat, good mix of protein/carb/fat)

  • Turkey Bolognese (lean, not fat free turkey) over spaghetti squash. Side of broccoli.
  • Pan-seared Tuna Steak served with a sweet potato drizzled with olive oil.

Babyface Shape Dinner (smaller meal, low dairy fat, easy on the caffeine)

  • Small bowl of turkey chili topped with a little avocado.
  • Black Bean and Quinoa veggie burger (no bun) served with a side salad or steamed veggies.

Next week is WORKOUT WEEK! I'm blogging all about foods that fuel your body before and after a workout. Oh, and one killer workout, too! Stay tuned.

Happy New Year, everyone!!