"Carbohydrates." Say the word and almost everyone listens.  Most of us know that when we eat carbohydrates, our body stores them in our muscles and liver for immediate use for energy. What we don't store in either of those two departments gets stored as fat. Not everyone metabolizes carbohydrates at the same rate. Some people are more sensitive to the amount they eat, elevating blood sugar beyond optimal levels. If you're a diabetic, you know this all too well. Anyone that's become ravenously hungry a short time after eating breakfast, or experienced the "post-lunch dip," may have also been a victim of unsteady blood sugar levels.

Regardless of how well your body metabolizes carbohydrates, it's important to eat the right type. Knowing the difference between an healthy and unhealthy carbohydrate does not have to be overly complicated. Generally speaking, most of the carbs you eat should be unrefined and on the LOW/MODERATE GI side, and a minimal amount (if any at all) should be refined and on the HIGH GI side.

Your metabolic type (thereby understanding your body type: athlete, babyface, pear, apple), will give you an idea of how much carbohydrate (as well as protein and fat) you should eat in a day.

I've gotten a lot of questions about the meal suggestions for body types. Since breakfast really gets the ball rolling for our daily nutrition, I thought I'd start there. With healthy carbohydrates in mind, check out the meal suggestions below. They're meant to be simple and easy.

Before anyone eats breakfast, drink water - even if you have to choke it down. It's so important to digestion and hydrating your body, of course.

The Athlete-Type Breakfast
Keep it simple and on the lighter side. Keep the salt shaker off the table.

  • Plain yogurt w/ blueberries and a small handful of almonds (add stevia and cinnamon)
  • Hard-boiled egg w/whole grain or sprouted toast

The Babyface-Type Breakfast
Make breakfast your meal of the day (note: I'm not suggesting a huge breakfast buffet!) Ease off the coffee.

  • Omelet made with shredded chicken or ham, mushrooms and onion; slice of whole grain toast
  • Bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal (not instant) made with strawberries and mixed with a serving of almond nut butter.

The Pear-Type Breakfast
Breakfast should be on the smaller side and easy on the spices.

  • Whole grain or sprouted English muffin w/ low fat cottage cheese
  • Low fat yogurt smoothie w/berries and cinnamon

The Apple-Type Breakfast
This meal is about the same size as lunch and dinner. This type should really watch the refined carbohydrates and caffeine.

  • Full fat yogurt smoothie w/ a scoop of whey protein powder and berries.
  • Smoked salmon w/ cream cheese on whole grain or sprouted toast.

Not sure what body type you are? Check out my body type post here.