It's acorn squash time. Anything that can be served as a meal in its shell makes me happy. More importantly, any food that is as functional as acorn squash makes me happiest! When I say functional, I mean the nutrients in the squash itself provide an army of defense for our bodies! Here are three reasons your body will love acorn squash.

1) It's a flu fighter: Acorn squash is fairly high in vitamin A. This vitamin  plays a role in boosting our immunity, in part, by keeping the areas of our body that would otherwise be easy access for a cold or flu, well-guarded. Vitamin A keeps the cells around our mucous membranes strong. Our eyes, nose and mouth get a healthy boost with just one serving of acorn squash!

2) It's high in fiber: One acorn squash has over nine grams of fiber, which helps out with digestion. This much fiber also plays a role in regulating blood sugar levels.

3) It stresses you less:  Acorn squash is a good source of potassium - which plays a role in reducing anxiety and stress.

Not sure how to cook with acorn squash? I gave the recipe below a shot and it was a hit! I'm not s huge fan of cheese, but a little bit was perfect sprinkled on top.

[gmc_recipe 2000]