This trio of amazing foods fight cancer, reduce inflammation and rid the body of toxic heavy metals. The list could certainly be longer than three foods, but these super-functional lifesavers make it to the top. Here's the scoop on the foods and the ailments they battle.

This amazing herb, often found in Latin American, Indian and Chinese dishes has been touted for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It’s also a great digestive aid. But the reason Cilantro makes the list is because it's been shown to remove heavy metals, particularly mercury, from the body. With constant exposure to toxic heavy metals, it’s nice to know there is something we can eat to help rid our body of its potential damaging effects. Throw a bunch on a salad or add to homemade guacamole for great flavor.

Feeling queasy? Have a little ginger. Aside from its well-known anti-nausea properties, ginger is loaded with a strong anti-oxidant cleverly named gingerol. Gingerol’s anti-inflammatory properties are powerful, to say the least, helping people with all sorts of pains, whether the problem is an achy knee or rheumatoid arthritis. As little as 5 grams of fresh ginger a day can do the trick. Fresh ginger is great juiced, on a salad or steeped into tea.

This popular coarse leafy green can be enjoyed in salads, baked with olive oil or juiced - to name a few. The reason Kale makes the list is because of its strong anti-cancer properties that come from flavonoids, carotenoids and glucosinalates. Want to enhance the effects of the anti-cancer properties? Add a probiotic to your daily regime to power boost everything that’s good about this food.

Just about every grocery store carries these three foods. They’re convenient, easy to cook with and inexpensive.



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