It's one of those days.
You didn't get the best night of sleep.
You had the longest day and have no energy left.
One little cookie won't make that big of a difference.
You cut your workout short because you needed to [fill in the blank].

Being healthy is great - there is nothing better. But no one ever said it was going to be easy. Our biggest obstacle is undoubtedly mental noise - that little voice inside of our head that tells us what we can and can't do. The fact of the matter is if anyone is going to sabotage your efforts to be fitter, stronger and happier - it will be you.  As we become fitter, the bar is raised. The higher the bar, the higher you have to jump.

Some people are better at filtering the mental noise to let mostly positive through. I say "mostly" because bumps are in everyone's road, no matter how happy they seem. That said, some people have the ability to float past little bumps that might completely paralyze others.  Constant negative noise is like a series of  red lights. The progress you make is in short spurts. It's hard to measure progress and sometimes you feel like you're spinning your wheels. The positive, on the other hand, is like an endless street of green lights. You're in constant motion - moving forward. Progress is easily made. You're more successful at what you do.

Life is not about how many green light days you have - although, they do make things a little easier. It's about what you do when you get a red light. In fact, my day started on red and is moving quickly to green. Last night I hurt my back for the very first time in my life (red).  I am the world's worst internet doctor and diagnosed myself with a herniated disc within 10 minute of going online (red). This morning's much-needed workout is a no-go (double red!). Where is the green light? Well, I asked a friend for a referral last night. He came through within an hour (green). This morning I called the doctor's office and got in to see her within two hours (green). I had to bring my three-year-old (red outlined by green).  The office staff were really nice and gave my three-year-old a small blue teddy bear, who she cleverly named "Blue" (green.) It turns out I actually have a badly strained muscle and not a herniated disc after all (green). So much for my internet sleuthing techniques!  Even though I didn't really need the day off from working out, I'll gladly take it. After all, thanks to my virtual trip to the doctor online last night, I shouldn't be doing much of anything for a few weeks!

The next time you hit a red light - and it somehow affects your diet or exercise - look for solutions that will allow you to move past it.  Or even better yet, think of someone you know who has the ability to float over the bumps and can stay in the green zone more often than not. For me, that person is my friend Chris Neubauer. Chris' life is rich, colorful - but probably like many of us, not always smooth sailing. Nonetheless, every time I see this guy, he's got a smile on his face and nice things to say about everyone. He's worked in the fitness industry throughout his professional life, and made the leap from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana, to open his own studio called Primal Fitness. The market in South Bend is not as strong as what it is in Chicago.  Chris knew that, but made the leap with the will to succeed to be closer to family. He made it work! He's got a successful studio with clients who adore him. Whenever I feel like things aren't working out, I think of Chris and his perseverance.

Who is your green person?

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