Here's a great 30-minute workout that does well on its own, or in combination with a brisk run. The focus of today's workout is high-repetition and body weight. Nothing in the workout can't be done from the comfort of your living room, your gym, the backyard, your hotel room...anywhere.

The thing that's great about this workout is that it gets easier as you get closer to finishing. Below are three sets, each containing the same three exercises - but at progressively lower repetitions.

Set 1
40 Body Weight Squats
40 Wall Push Ups
80 Alternating Lunges
Rest about two minutes.

Set 2
30 Body Weight Squats
30 Wall Push Ups
40 Alternating Lunges
Rest about two minutes.

Set 3
20 Body Weight Squats
20 Wall Push Ups
20 Alternating Lunges
Rest about two minutes.

Extra Credit
Side Plank (see below)

Here is an explanation on each of the exercises.

Body Weight Squats
This exercise is great for the lower body. It strengthens through the hips, glutes and quadriceps, increases mobility and really gets the heart rate up - especially when done in high repetitions. To perform a body weight squat,  stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms extended out in front of you. Drop down into a seated position keeping your knees right over your toes. Stand back up. Try to drop down for one count and up for one count - the pace should be quick.

Reminders: Keep your back as straight as possible (pull your shoulder blades back). You don’t want to fold over your legs. This will stress your knees too much. The weight should be in your hips. Don’t let your toes point out – keep them pointing straight ahead.

Wall Push Ups
In high repetition - and if done correctly - there is nothing easy about this exercise. You'll go immediately into this exercise from the body weight squats, so your heart rate should be higher. Start with your feet about 12 inches out from a wall, hip-width apart. Place your hands just below shoulder height against a wall. Keeping your back straight (don't arch), drop into the wall as close as possible without touching, and push back out. Really try to draw your belly button to your spine to engage your abs.

Tip: The closer you stand to the wall, the easier this exercise will be. The further back, the more difficult.

Alternating Lunges
If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that lunges make their way into a lot of my workouts...and they should! They create better overall balance, stability and muscle definition. They're also a great complement to body weight squats. To do alternating lunges, place your hands on our hips, feet about hip-width apart. Step out into a lunge with one foot. Drop both knees down until they’re about three inches from the ground. Your knee should not extend over your foot. Keep your back as straight as possible (don’t lean forward). Come back up to standing and alternate legs.

*Extra Credit*

Side Plank
This exercise is a little more advanced. Balance, shoulder stability and core strength are three key players.

To perform this exercise, start from the ground. Push yourself up onto one arm with your hand just under your shoulder. Weight in your hand should be equally distributed throughout the fingers and palm. With legs extended, s
slowly stack your feet on top of each other and raise your opposite arm up into the air - reaching for the sky!
Hold for 30 seconds on each side. Alternate sides twice.


Foot Balance: To make this easier, you can place both feet on the ground as close as possible to each other. Work up to getting them stacked.

Arm Balance: If you're not ready to balance on one arm, start by resting on your elbow instead of the palm of your hand. As your balance and shoulder strength improve, you'll be able to move into the full side plank.