Has this every happened to you?

You're on an amazing workout kick - whatever that is for you. In a few weeks you're going on a great vacation, and you want to be in respectable swim suit shape. You're all business until the day before you leave, sweating in Zumba class or running your tail off on the treadmill.  Ideally, you'd like to keep the momentum up, so you set  your running shoes next to your suitcase to pack right next to your flip flops and sun screen.  A few hours later you get to the hotel to unpack and, oh my, no running shoes. You're either a) secretly relieved but acting bummed, or b) genuinely disappointed because no exercise means no pina coladas.

Drum roll please...

Enter Westin Hotels & Resorts and New Balance.  The hospitality power house and popular footwear provider have teamed up to provide travelers with complimentary footwear, apparel and in-room workouts. At first read, this might sound a little, well, icky. However, shoes-on-loan come with brand new disposable insoles for each use. I really like to workout. So if I forgot my shoes, this is great. I would definitely do it.

The "ick" factor jumps right back up with the loan of apparel. Shorts and shirts for men. Shorts, shirts, capri pants and sport bras for women. I guess it's really to each their own,  but I'd have a hard time wrapping my head around one very important questions: "Who wore this before me?"

Nonetheless, I applaud the motivation behind this program. If you visit one of the ten hotels piloting this program, reasons not to workout have been eliminated!

The other cool thing I like about this program is the in-room fitness presented by celebrity trainer, Holly Perkins. Her programs area equipment-free and can be done from your hotel room.

It's true that an object in motion stays in motion, and our own personal motivation is no different.

What would I do if...

I wasn't staying at a Westin and forgot my workout gear? Plenty. Here are my favorite 5 hotel room exercises.

1) Walking Lunges
Ease into them for a good warm up, then go a little deeper as you progress. Alternate legs and repeat three sets of 30.
2) Wall Squats
For those of you who read this blog regularly, you know I'm a fan of wall squats. Park your body against a wall, easy down and hold it. Repeat three sets for 30 seconds each.
3) Push Ups
This is a great way to get into your core, shoulders, back and chest. If you're unable to do a traditional push up safely, go down onto your knees and start there. Repeat three sets of 10 to 15.
4) Superman Back Extension
Lying on your back with your arms extended out at a 45 degree angle and legs extended fully (just like Superman), reach out and up keeping your nose pointed down to the ground. This is a great exercise to strengthen healthy back. Hold 3 sets for 15-20 seconds.
5) Straight Arm Plank
Get into a push up position and simply hold yourself with your palms firmly planted on the ground under your shoulders. Legs and back should be straight (back should not have a sway in it). Balance is on the toes. Hold 3 sets for 30 seconds.