The biggest muscles in your body is your gluteus maximum (aka: your butt). Your quadriceps (aka: you thighs) are the longest muscle in your body. So it makes sense why you'd what to tie these two muscles into a full body workout that tightens and tones. Of course, just about any movements involve those muscles in some way, but really taking the time to focus on them not only strengthens the muscles, but it activates the joints and ligaments in those areas of your body, especially the knees and hips, helping to keep you injury free. Who wouldn't want to be strong and injury free?

Getting Started: The Tight Butt and Thighs Full Body Workout

This workout takes about 40 minutes to do, but will get your heart rate up and power the big muscles that are so very responsible for boosting your resting metabolism. Doing workouts like this also help to lower your overall body fat. If you've got extra belly fat, particularly visceral fat which is found tucked inside your body around your vital organs, it's important to focus on workouts like this that emphasize strength.

Looking to tone and tighten your butt and thighs? This full body workout will do the trick. All you need are a couple light hand weights/dumbbells, preferably between 4 - 8 pounds. If you don’t have any, and are working out at home, grab a couple of large soup cans, a gallon of milk (7.7 pounds) or something you can get your hands on…literally.

Total workout time: 40 minutes

Equipment needed: 2 hand-held weight (Don’t have any? Don’t worry! Go to your kitchen and grab a couple of soup cans or anything you can hold onto that's about that weight.)

How to do the exercises: Not sure how to do any of the exercises? Check out the link for my exercise glossary below. It will give you the play-by-play for every exercise!

Warm Up: 5 Minutes

Circuit 1

30 Squat Stand Crossover Punch*
15 Lunges w/ Tap
20 Push Ups
SPRINT: 2 Min Cardio Sprint**

Circuit 2

60 Speed Skaters
30 Tricep Kickback*
40 Mountain Climbers
SPRINT: 2 Min Cardio Sprint**

Circuit 3

60 High Knees
15 Shoulder Presses (increase repetitions by 10 if using light weight)
15 – 20 Reverse Flies*
SPRINT: 2 Min Cardio Sprint**

*Indicates the need for two (2) handheld weights, such as light dumbbells, or even a couple of cans of soup from your kitchen.

**Indicates heart rate should come up quite high. These are high intensity body weight exercises and should be done at full effort. These high intensity intervals are the metabolic booster of the workout.

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Have a question about an exercise? Check the Exercise Glossary.