This is a great workout to do with a friend...and hey, if you're solo, you'll still have a smile on your face after you're finished. After a warm up, the intensity of the workout shoots up for several short intervals. While your heart is racing, your partner will be doing a series of body-weight exercises, working muscles from head to toe.

Equipment Needed: Your body and a good pair of shoes.

Warm Up: Everyone warms up a little bit, anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. The intervals of this workout will be short, but challenging - so warm muscles are a must.

Total Time: Including a ten minute warm up, 28 minutes.

This workout can be done outside on a running path or road, inside on a treadmill, or if your injured and can't  run, any other form of cardio (elliptical, stair climber, bike).
Note: Generally speaking, running is arguably the most mentally challenging of the group above. If you're shying away from running because it's too tough, try to muscle through this one!

After your warm up...

Circuit #1

  • Athlete #1, 3-minute fast, flat run. This pace is about 90 seconds per mile faster than the warm up you just finished with. If you were running at a 10-minute mile, you've just picked it up to an 8:30.
  • Athlete #2, 10 Burpees/20-Second Wall Squats Combo. Starts at the same time as Athlete #1. Complete as many sets of burpees and wall squats as possible in three minutes. If you're running outside, look for a tree, park bench or something stable to hold your body up against.
  • SWAP. Athlete #2 starts running, athlete #1 starts burpees/wall squats.
Circuit #2
  • Athlete #1, 3-minutes moderate-paced, hill run. Bring the incline to 5% and set the speed 30 seconds faster than your warm up. If you're running outside, run for four minutes and focus on drawing your knees up toward your chest.
  • Athlete #2, 20-Second High Knees/20-Second Plank. Move through the high knee/plank combo five times.
  • SWAP. Athlete #2 starts running, athlete #1 starts high knees/plank combo.
Circuit #3
  • Athlete #1, 3-minute flat accelerated intervals. Start you pace fast for one minute, pick it up 15 - 20 seconds per mile faster for one minute, then go all out for one minute finishing as strong as you can.
  • Athlete #2, 30 Seconds of Walking Lunges,/30 Seconds of Push Ups. Move through the lunge/push up combo three times.
  • SWAP. Athlete #2 starts running, athlete #1 starts lunge/push up combo.
Cool down by walking or jogging and then stretching!