I made a resolution to start racing more in 2012. A few years ago, my race of choice was triathlons. I love them because they break up the monotony of doing just one thing. The drawback is time-consuming training. That said, my favorite training day was always "brick day." Bricks are nothing more than combining two disciplines on the same day. In triathlon you swim, bike and run. Any combo of the two, with no rest,  is a brick!

I thought I'd throw together a mini-brick (spinnng + running) workout along with high-rep weights. Technically, this workout isn't a brick, but it will be short (about 50 minutes) and combine high intensity cardio with high rep/moderate weight strength training.


Bike Portion
This can be done outside on a bike or indoors on a trainer, Spinning bike or upright stationary bike.  You'll spend 20 minutes on the bike, so make the time worth your while. Bring up the intensity fairly quickly. Perceived exertion (scale of 1 to 10) should be around a 7.

Run Portion
As soon as you wrap 20 minutes up on the bike, start your run. You'll have ten minutes on your feet. If your legs feel heavy - it's perfectly normal. Give them about a half mile to adjust, and then really try to wrap up your intensity. Perceived exertion (scale of 1 to 10) should be around an 8/9.

Strength Portion
After you wrap up your run, take a minute to get some water . The only thing you'll need for this portion is a barbell, body bar or two dumbbells. Select a weight that's easy enough to hold, but still challenging. 20 - 40 pounds, barbell; 8 - 20 pounds, dumbbells.

40 Alternating Leg Lunges w/ barbell over shoulders or dumbbells at side

20 Squat-to-Shoulder Press

20 Bent Over Rows*

1 Plank (hold as long as you can)

No rest between each exercise. Keep moving. At the end of this four-exercise set, rest one minute and repeat TWICE.


*Bent Over Rows: Starting from a standing position, hold the weight in front of your thighs with an overhand grip. Without locking your knees, bend over to just past a 45 degree angle. “Row” the weight toward your body and release back down. Your back should stay straight. Rest for about 30 seconds after rows before going into another set of shoulder presses.

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