The quick interval workout is an even mix of varied-paced cardio and body-shaping strength work to hit every trouble spot on your body – no matter who you are. If you have some extra time and want to work on your endurance, increase the cardio sets by a few minutes.

Equipment Needed:
Jump Rope
Dumbbells (between 7 and 20 pounds) or a Barbell (between 15 and 40 pounds)

Total Time: 40 Minutes

Warm Up: Built in the workout.

Circuit 1

8 Minute Easy Warm Up
2 Minute Hard Acceleration
15 Vertical Jumps
20 Squats with Weight (dumbbell or barbell)
**Repeat three times, alternating between jumps and squats.**

Rest 2 minutes

Circuit 2

3 Minutes Moderate Pace
2 Minutes Hard Acceleration
20 Standing Shoulder Presses (dumbbell or barbell)
20 Bent Over Rows
**Repeat three times, alternating between shoulder presses and rows.**

Rest 2 minutes.

Circuit 3

3 Minutes Moderate Pace
2 Minutes Hard Acceleration
60-Second Mountain Climber
60-Second Jump Rope
**Repeat three times, alternating between mountain climbers and jumping rope.**

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