This cardio/strength combo workout, in it's entirety, will take you about 60 minutes to wrap up. Each strength combination set should repeat three times.

Time Saver Tip: If you've got to wrap the workout up in less than an hour, you can shave off one or two of the sets and still get a lot of the benefit.

If you're in gym, you've probably got access to a stair climber. If you don't, try shifting the cardio portion of this workout to an easy/moderate/hard pace jog or run instead.

Stair Climber? Really? While my preference is to run, I like to add in a stair climber because it fatigues my legs in different ways than running would. When I change over to the treadmill, my legs go from feeling really "heavy" (thanks to lactic acid build up) to "light" - even during the fast paces. Let me know how you do!

An explanation of each exercise is down at the bottom of the post. Have fun. Let me know how you do!

Circuit 1
5-Min Stair Climber (easy to moderate pace)
3-Min Treadmill (easy pace)
2-Min Treadmill (fast pace)

Static Lunges w/dumbbells; 15/leg
Mountain Climbers; 40 alternating legs
Repeat 3 times, alternating sets

Rest 2 min, then go into Circuit 2

Circuit 2
5-Min Stair Climber (moderate Pace)
5-Min Treadmill (fast pace)

Shoulder Press Squat w/ dumbbells or barbell; 15
Straight Arm Plank; hold 45 seconds
Repeat 3 times, alternating sets

Rest 2 min, then go into Circuit 3

Circuit 3
5-Min Stair Climber (moderate Pace)
5-Minute Treadmill (fast pace)

Superman; 30 seconds
Oblique Twist w/Medicine Ball; 40 alternating sides
Repeat 3 times, alternating sets

Static Lunges
Hands at your side, holding dumbbells (probably anywhere between 10 and 25 pounds, depending on your fitness).  Feet are about hip-width apart. Step out into a lunge with one foot and hold it there. Drop back knee down to the ground, bending front knee. Your front knee should not extend over your foot. This puts unneeded pressure on your knee. Back as straight as possible (don’t lean forward). Tip: if you're not used to doing static lunges, or it's been a while since you've done any strength training, start with a lighter weight and work up to a heavier weight gradually. Move up and down, lunging, 15 times. Alternate legs.

Mountain Climber
Start down on the ground in a push up position. Keep your back straight and shoulder blades pulled down. Bring your right knee up and in toward your left elbow. Return your right foot back to the starting position. Now repeat by bringing your left knee to your right elbow. Concentrate on keeping your abs drawn in. This is a great whole body workout – especially honing in on the abs. Continue to repeat, alternating legs 40 times.

Shoulder Press Squat
Using dumbbells or a barbell of an appropriate weight, drop down into a squat, keeping your hips back, back as straight as possible and knees over your toes. Come back to a standing position, pressing the weight over your head with straight arms. If using dumbbells, start exercise with weights at your side. If using a barbell, start exercise holding bar up at shoulder with arms bend (elbows tucked into your side). Tip: if you're new to this exercise, start with a lighter weight and work up to a heavier weight gradually. Repeat 15 times.

Straight Arm Plank
Just like a plank, but with your arms straight (palms of your hands in line with your shoulders). Legs and back should be straight with no bend. Keep your shoulder blades pulled back and down so you’re not rounding through the upper back.Tip: if this is too advanced, start on your knees instead. Hold for 45 seconds.

Lying face down, extend both hands out in a V-shape position. Hands should be only a few inches off the ground. Raise your legs off the ground, pointing your feet. Slowly lift your face off the ground, keeping your nose pointed down. "Flutter" your arms and legs up and down. Continue for 30 seconds and rest.

Oblique Twist w/Medicine Ball
This exercise can be done with any weighted object that you can hold firmly with both hands (such as a dumbbell), not just a medicine ball. Sitting with your knees bent, and holding medicine ball of weighted object, lean back until you feel your abs engage. Lift your feet off the ground and hold your body in that balanced position. Slowly move the object you're holding up and over from one hip to the other in an arcing motion. Tip: if this is too advanced, hold the same position, but with your heels resting lightly on the ground. Repeat 40 times, alternating side.