I've gotten a little feedback on the workouts I've posted over the last couple months. One of the most frequent comments I've heard is,  "Traci, have you actually done these?" Yes, I have...however, they have run a weeee-bit too long, and have also been pretty challenging. So to balance out the effort, I've shaved off some time and evened out the intensity.

Many of you will like this workout because your workout wraps up in about 40 minutes. Twenty minutes of varied-paced cardio and 20 minutes of body-shaping strength sets hits every trouble spot on a body – no matter who you are! If you have some extra time and want to work on your endurance, increase the cardio sets by a few minutes.

Maintaining three of these workouts a week is great work. If you can add in alternative workouts in between these workouts (personally, I love yoga), you'll be ready to shed the winter layers and head for the beach in no time.


8 Minute Easy Warm Up
2 Minute Hard Acceleration

15 Vertical Jumps
20 Squats (dumbbell or barbell)
(repeat three times, alternating between jumps and squats; rest 2 minutes when complete)

3 Minutes Moderate Pace
2 Minutes Hard Acceleration

20 Standing Shoulder Presses (dumbbell or barbell)
20 Bent Over Rows
(repeat three times, alternating between shoulder presses and rows; rest 2 minutes when complete)

3 Minutes Moderate Pace
2 Minutes Hard Acceleration

60-SecondMountain Climber
60-Second Jump Rope
(repeat three times, alternating between mountain climbers and jumping rope)


Vertical Jumps
Standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart, jump up as high as possible reaching your arms up overhead. Return to a standing/squatting position. Don’t lock your knees on the way down. Go from a squatting position back to a vertical jump. Complete the set.

Move to squats immediately after finishing the first set of vertical jumps. Using a dumbbell or barbell, go into a set of squats. The weight used should be challenging, but nothing that fatigues you after ten repetitions. Rest for about 30 seconds after squats before going back into another set of vertical jumps.

Shoulder Presses
Using a dumbbell or barbell, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Push the weight overhead. Weight should be comfortable enough to easily complete 20 repetitions. Go immediately into a set of Bent Over Rows.

Bent Over Rows
Moving immediate from the Shoulder Press to a Bent Over Row. Starting from a standing position, hold the weight in front of your thighs with an overhand grip. Without locking your knees, bend over to just past a 45 degree angle. "Row" the weight toward your body and release back down. Your back should stay straight. Rest for about 30 seconds after rows before going into another set of shoulder presses.

Mountain Climber
Start down on the ground in a push up position. Bring your right knee up and in toward your left elbow. Return your right foot back to the starting position. Now repeat by bringing your left knee to your right elbow. Continue to repeat, alternating legs for 60 seconds. Concentrate on keeping your abs drawn in. This is a great whole body workout - especially honing in on the abs. Start jumping rope immediately after completing the mountain climber.

Jump Rope
Grab a rope and start jumping. Don't have a jump rope handy? Repeat small vertical jumps landing on the balls of your feet for 60 seconds.