Looking for a good workout to do this weekend? Here is a sample workout that my intermediate group from the 40-Day Shape Up is doing right now.

Every workout has three levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced. All of the workouts are done on specific intervals, which helps to a) break up the workout...it's more fun, b) burn fat, and c) improve lung capacity. Who wouldn't love that?

Give this sample workout a shot and let me know what you think!


Warm up doing any form of cardio for 5 min.

2 min tempo run; 1 min walk

4 min tempo run; 1 min walk

6 min tempo run; 2 min walk

5 min tempo run; 2 min walk

3 min tempo run; 1 min walk

1 min tempo run; cool down

*Take full recovery. If heart rate is not down, keep walking.
*If running isn't your thing, substitute a different form of cardio!

A) Push Ups (modified or on knees) x 15

B) Lateral Arm Raises* x 30 (all together)

C) High Cross/Punch*x 30 (all together)

D) Side Plank with Hip Dips x 10-15 (both sides)

*Repeat A through D in order. Repeat three times with a 2 minute rest in between

Total Time: ~55 - 60 minutes


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