Get ready to squeeze and hold muscle with this isometric workout. Isometrics are such a great – and portable – way to incorporate strength training into your workout, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. An isometric contraction is when your muscle contracts without changing its length (very little movement). Usually exercises like bicep curls, legs extensions, chin ups, or just about anything else that requires movement, lengthen or shorten the muscle. It’s not uncommon to find isometric exercises in practices like yoga and pilates. Here is a simple, but effective workout that works legs, abs and back.


Equipment Needed:

A towel or yoga strap

Total Time: 25 Minutes, including a 10-minute warm up.

Warm Up: Ten minutes of easy cardio to loosen up.


Circuit 1

30-Second Runners Lunge (each leg)
30-Second Straight Arm Bridge Plank
30-Superman w/ towel or yoga strap


Circuit 2

45-Second Runners Lunge (each leg)
45-Second Straight Arm Bridge Plank
45-Superman w/ towel or yoga strap


Circuit 3

60-Second Runners Lunge (each leg)
60-Second Straight Arm Bridge Plank

60-Superman w/ towel or yoga strap

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