With Black Friday just a few days away, I thought I'd give my two cents for my favorite health or fitness-related stocking stuffers and gifts. Yes, the run the gamut of healthy holiday gifts, but I love them and thought I'd share. From just under $10 to just under $400, this list has something for anyone with a desire to be healthy.

Balega Socks
When it comes to working out, whether you’re a runner or a Zumba lover, what you have on your feet makes a big difference. Blisters, toe holes and general discomfort can absolutely ruin a workout. Of all the athletic socks out there, Balega are my absolute favorite.

I wear these socks to crosstrain, not just run. In comparison to the other brands I’ve worn, my feet are in great shape. What’s more, the socks stay in great shape, too. They’re a great gift for anyone with even the remotest interest in fitness.

Socks start around $9.95. You can find these socks in most running stores, or online.

RoadID® Athlete Identification

If someone you know is an outdoor fitness enthusiast, RoadID® is important. Available as anklets, bracelets, shoe ID, or dog tag-style ID, RoadID takes the place of having to carry around your driver’s license, or some other wallet ID that all-too-often ends up in the washing machine along with sweaty workout gear. More importantly, they’re engraved with all the pertinent emergency information a person needs before they head outside. Designed with a stainless steel faceplate and reflective striping (anklets, bracelets and shoe ID) these IDs provide peace of mind when the running path or roads get busy.

IDs start around $19.99. You can order RoadID products online.

Garmin® Heart Rate Monitors
Ideal for any level of athlete, from fitness enthusiast to Ironman athlete, a Garmin would look great under the tree. With a wide variety of models, from the basic FR60 to the fancy pants Forerunner® 405CX, these monitors not only monitor heart rate (which is VITAL to knowing your fitness level), but also tracks calories and wirelessly syncs all your workout data. Most Garmin models are GPS enabled, giving you highly reliable workout information.

Monitors range from $99.99 to $369.99. You can find locations that sell Garmin heart rate monitors online.

Aubrey® Organics Anything
I love this company. Love them. Their products are natural, don’t contain any crap, aren’t crazy expensive and (personally) have worked wonders on my hair and skin. I only use this line on my kids. I buy it for my husband. In fact, if my husband filled my stocking with my favorites from this line (Rosa
Mosqueta® Rose Hip Seed Oil, Rosa Mosqueta® Moisturizer, Rosa Mosqueta® Toner, Unscented Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion, etc. etc.) I think I’d shed a little
tear of happiness. I’ve used Aubrey Organics for a while now and have no complaints.

Aubrey product pricing varies.
You can find a store that carries Aubrey here.

The Queen of Fats or 150 Healthiest Foods
If you’ve got a nutrition junkie in the house, either of these books make a great stocking stuffer.

The Queen of Fats
by Susan Allport gives a lot of great insight to the importance of healthy fats. Since it’s one of the biggest
areas we’ve really messed up, and in my humble opinion, a big reason why we’re not nearly as healthy as we could be, the importance of fat should not be
underestimated. The Queen of Fats gives you the 411 on all you need to know.

150 Healthiest Foods on Earth. Come on…who could resist a title like that? Author Jonny Bowden
hits it home with a take on food as the first line of defense to making sure we stay healthy. Covering all the foods we should eat, and even taking a look at what we should steer clear of, Bowden’s wealth of knowledge illustrates the prescriptive effects of eating right!

You can find either of these books on Amazon.

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