This workout is designed to build (and test) your stamina and endurance. This three-circuit cardio/strength workout will push your body. Repeating each circuit three times with a short rest in between will work all large muscle groups, and a few small ones, too!

Equipment Needed: Stability Ball

Total Time: 65 - 75 minutes

Circuit 1

8-minute warm up
2-minute cardio acceleration (Accelerations should not feel comfortable. Push yourself.)
12 Tricep Push Ups (3 sets, repetitions: 15, 12, 9)
30 Second Plank (3 sets, duration: 30 sec, until fatigue)
**Repeat push up and plank sets a total of three times each.**

Circuit 2

5-minutes cardio comfortable pace
8-minute cardio acceleration
15 Jump Squats
20 Y-Squats
**Repeat squat sets a total of three times each.**


Circuit 3

5-minutes cardio comfortable pace
8-minutes cardio acceleration
20 Stability Ball Leg Curl
20 Stability Ball Ab Killers
**Repeat stability ball sets a total of three times each.**

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