tn_plankcoupleThis is a pretty self-explanatory workout. Work through each of the set, alternating upper body, lower body and core, dropping 10 repetitions with each set. This workout starts using the bigger muscles of the body, then works it's way down to the smaller muscles of the body.


100 Plie Squats
90 Lateral Arm Circles*
80 Bicycles*
70 Bridge Lifts*
60 Wall Push Ups
50 Russian Twists
40 Jump Squats
30 Push Up Planks
20 Heel Taps
10 Burpees

Once through is good. Twice through is great. Three times through is amazing!

*indicate exercises not done in other workouts

Lateral Arm Circles
Ideally, you'll perform this exercise using 2 to 3 pound dumbbells. If you don't have dumbbells and are doing this exercise from home, use soup cans. To do the exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms straight out laterally (out from your sides). Keeping your arms straight and holding onto the weights, make small circles. Bending your elbows or lowering your arms makes this exercise a little easier, so keep your arms as straight as possible. Continue until you've completed 90 repetitions.

Lying flat on your back, place your finger tips gently on the back of your head and bend your knees. Pull your shoulders off the ground, engaging your abs. Lastly, shelf your legs. From this position, pull your left knee and right elbow as close as possible together, then right knee and left elbow together. Continue alternating left knee to right elbow/right knee to left elbow until you've completed 80 repetitions.

Bridge Lifts
Lying flat on your back with your knees bent, push your hips up as high as possible, squeezing your glutes. Drop hips back down to the ground and repeat until you've completed 70 repetitions.