Don’t have a lot of time to get in a workout? The Do Anywhere Workout is short, sweet but high in intensity! It’s set up as a combination of eight different exercises, each completed in no more than one minute. Repeat each of circuit three times and you’re done!

The focus is on keeping your heart rate high, while strengthening all the big muscles of your body, including shoulders, abs, quads, calves, glutes, hips and back!

Equipment Needed:
Jump Rope
Dumbbells (between 7 and 20 pounds) or a Barbell (between 15 and 40 pounds)

Total Time: About 30 – 35 minutes.

Warm Up: Optional. If you have time to warm up, go for it. But this workout eases into the more difficult exercises in the second circuit.

Circuit 1

60-Seconds Jumping Rope (jump in place if without a rope)
30-Seconds of Single Leg Hops (each leg)
20 Upright Rows
30 Seconds of a Wall Squat
**Rest two minutes and repeat this circuit two more times.**


Circuit 2

60 Seconds of Lateral Jumps
40 Body Weight Squats
15 Shoulder Press
20 Push Up to Plank
**Rest two minutes and repeat this circuit two more times.**


Do you have a question about an exercise? Check the exercise glossary.