A wedding.
The beach vacation.
A marathon.
The holidays.
A class reunion.
Next week.
Next month.
Next year.

Frustration over not hitting a goal fitness level, goal weight or any other goal related to diet and exercise is usually pointless, and a waste of our precious energy. Don't throw in the towel by deeming your efforts as unsuccessful. Stick with your plan - whatever that may be -  and do the best that you can. Life can and will get in the way. An unexpected bout of the flu, a career change, an injury, a financial setback, a day of low motivation and countless other reasons might cloud your vision of where you'd like to be. Don't let them become your excuse for quitting.

You might get to the weight you want to reach by that special day, or you might not. You might be able to run at a pace that brings you some personal achievement by race day, or you might not. Regardless, there will always be the next day, another race, another vacation or another month, which are just as valuable.

Eating right and exercise are far too important to give up on. There is no deadline and it's never too late. Goals are important, and we should all have them. But don't let your goals control your (or your happiness). Remember you control your goals and what you're going to do about them.

  • Set a goal
  • Set a realistic expectation
  • Create or follow a plan that challenges you
  • Work toward your goal
  • Don't procrastinate, start now
  • You'll always be ready


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