Are you ready to sweat? This 45-minute full body workout is loaded with body weight only exercises. No gym required! 

Total workout time: 45 minutes
Equipment needed: none

Warm Up: 5 to 10 Minutes

Note: All exercises that are bracketed with a ** indicate this is a high intensity interval. Effort level should be high and heart rates should elevate as well.

Circuit 1
40 Mountain Climbers
40 Toe Taps
30 **Mini Squat Jumps**
Repeat this full circuit twice. 

Rest two minutes

Circuit 2
60 Second Straight Arm Plank
60 Second Bridge
15 **Burpees**
Repeat this full circuit twice.

Rest two minutes

Circuit 3
30 Side Lunges (low)
30 Seconds Side Plank (each Side)
40 **Quick Body Weight Squats**
Repeat this full circuit twice.

 Have a question about an exercise? Check the Exercise Glossary.