The Brick and Lift Full Body Workout is intense! If you’ve ever trained for a triathlon, by the time race day rolled around, you were probably in the best shape of your life. You don’t have to be a triathlete to get a triathlon-style workout, reaping great results. A “brick” is probably the most popular workout among triathletes as it focuses on combining two disciplines (swim, bike or run) in one workout. I’ve tweaked the traditional brick, dialed it down to 50 minutes and included a few strength exercises.

 Equipment Needed:

2 Dumbbells (7 to 20 pounds) or 1 Barbell (15 to 40 pounds)

 Total Time: 50 Minutes

 Warm Up: Built into workout.

 Bike Portion (indoor or outdoor bike)

10 Minutes Moderate Pace
10 Minutes Moderate/Hard Pace

Run Portion (No rest from bike to run; go right into it)

5 Minutes Moderate Pace
5 Minutes Hard Pace

Strength Portion (Get water and go right into these strength exercises)

40 Alternating Leg Lunges w/ barbell over shoulders or dumbbells at side
20 Squat-to-Shoulder Press
20 Bent Over Rows
1 Plank (hold as long as you can)

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