traci mitchellI announced on my Facebook page last night that I’ll be offering a bootcamp, taught my yours truly, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park kicking off in two weeks. My style of bootcamp revolves around high intensity intervals of functional exercises mixed with short rest periods. No two workouts will be identical, but elements of the warm up and cool down will be similar.

If you exercise vigorously two times a week, and maintain a combination of light and moderate activity (walking, yoga, jogging, etc) the remainder of the week, your body will take shape. Combine your fitness with a healthy diet and you’re on the fast track to a finely tuned body! Fortunately for you, I lean heavily about nutrition and can’t stop preaching about healthy foods. As your coach through the summer, hopefully some of it will rub off. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build endurance or boost energy…this is it!

Bootcamp Details

June 18th through August 8th (15 sessions, no camp on 7/4)
What days?
Tuesdays & Thursdays
What times? 
6am or 9:30am
Where? Chicago’s Lincoln Park, off Recreation Drive, near Clocktower east of tennis courts
Cost? $300*

*Bootcamp includes onsite coaching, email support and 25% discount on any personalized services (food journal evaluations, etc)

Even though doing interval training, like my style of bootcamp sessions, may not be feasible or even desirable every day of the week, honing in on tough, high intensity workouts can and will change your body and improve your health.

Bootcamp runs rain or shine. Open to any fitness level. I will make be in touch with you shortly after you register. As your coach, I want to get to know your goals. NOTE: after you purchase your bootcamp below, shoot me an email at traci [at] tracidmitchell [dot] com so I can follow up quickly.

Need a corporate or workplace bootcamp. Contact me.
Not in Chicago? Contact me about private services.

SPACE IS LIMITED. Register early.

Bootcamp Options

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