This truly is an amazing ab workout that will define your core muscles and work your heart at the same time. Getting great results isn't easy, so be prepared. In the end, you'll be happy you committed to this workout. Your body is worth it!

Total workout time: 45 minutes
Equipment needed: none

Warm Up: 5 Minutes                                         

Note: All exercises that are bracketed with a ** indicate this is a high intensity interval. Effort level should be high and heart rates should elevate as well.

Circuit 1
Plank: 60 Seconds
Side Plank Dip: 30 Seconds Each Side
Chaturanga to Downward Facing Dog to Straight Arm Plank: 60 Seconds
(repeat 3 times)

Rest 2 minutes

Circuit 2
CrissCrosses: 60 Seconds
Toe Touches: 60 Seconds
Superman: 60 Seconds
(repeat 3 times)

Rest 2 Minutes

Circuit 3
Single Leg Dip: 30 Seconds Each Leg
Static Dirty Dog: 30 Seconds Each Side
Reverse Plank: 60 Seconds
(repeat 3 times)

**HIIT: The high intensity interval is 2 Minute Cardio Sprints. You have the option to perform the sprints in between each circuit, or at the very end of the workout. If in between circuits, go right into them with no rest after the strength portion. After completed, rest two minutes. If doing after the workout, perform one (1) two-minute interval, rest 1 minute and repeat two more times. **

Have a question about an exercise? Check the Exercise Glossary.