This morning I launched a new program called The 40-Day Shape Up. I had an astounding 200 people from all over the world volunteer to participate in this program.  For the next 40 days, May 1st to June 9th, they’re going to follow a series of primarily body weight workouts and body type meal plans that will have them looking good and feeling great before summer even begins.

To celebrate, and to build momentum in the spirit of health and fitness, I’m offering my new ebook, 20 High Energy Workouts to a Great Body, FREE on today, May 1st, only. Go get it.

If you’re interested in interval-based training, or just looking for a handy workout ebook that you can refer to on your Kindle, iPad or iPhone wherever you are, it’s yours. Share the news, and if you like the book, I’d love your review.


Interested in The 40-Day Shape Up? Get more info about the program, and upcoming sessions starting on 5/15 and 6/1 here. The cost is only $79 (less than 2 bucks a day) and open to anyone with a goal. Lose weight. Eat healthier. Run faster. Get off the couch.

Traci D Mitchell is a health and fitness expert, motivating people everywhere to eat clean, move more and be healthy.


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