We take care of our bodies. We take care of our health. These are utterly important to our overall wellbeing! That said, every once in a while it’s ok not to take ourselves too seriously and have some fun with this thing called “fitness.” Where do you see your workout type stack up in this mix?

The Princess
Needless to say, this category applies to women…well, mostly. You look good and you know it. Whether you took 15 minutes or an hour to get ready for your workout, you primped. Regardless, it was well worth it, and you look good!  Dressed in nothing but Lulu, Lucy, Athleta or any other brand that makes your butt just right, your workout is good, but certainly nothing that will have sweat oozing off you.  When it comes to strength training, you’re all about the mirror muscles: arms, bottom, shoulders and core. You get props for taking care of yourself, and having the time to do so! Kudos to you.

The Muscle Mommy
You were fit before you had kids. Now you’ve got a little one (or two or three) and you’re ready to tear it up. Somewhere between naps and errands you manage to find the time to combine cardio and strength into a neat two-hour time frame. As soon as the clock strikes 11am, you jet back to the kiddos to whip up an amazing lunch and perform 1001 other Supermom duties. Maybe this routine only happens two or three times a week…but when it does, you feel great and love every minute of it!

The Weekend Warrior
Work, family and social life pulls you in every direction throughout the week. When you’ve got downtime on the weekend, you take full advantage of it. Whether it’s a long run outside, or an hour Spinning class followed by a circuit workout in the gym, you’ve got your routine mastered.

The Consummate Beginner
You, Consummate Beginner, are my favorite! I love you. You are perpetually beginning a workout routine “you swear you’ll stick to” every few weeks.  Try as you might, your old friend, the Consummate Couch Potato wins over more often than you’d like. I have no qualms sharing that back in the day, I, too, was a borderline couch potato/consummate beginner. The workouts feel great when you actually do them. You’re on a buzz immediately after you finish.  Then DOMS sets in. DOMS? What’s that? Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. You know it well and feel it most frequently just around lunchtime the day after you finish a tough workout. Muscles ache. You have a hard time walking down stairs. You know what I’m talking about.

The Zen Master
Who needs gym equipment when you’ve got a yoga mat? For me, this is easily the most envied type. This person practices yoga to the point that they have the flexibility of Gumby while somehow managing the strength of Superman (or Supergirl). Their whole demeanor exudes balance.

The Die-Hard
The alphas of the fitness world, you see them nearly every day in the gym working up a sweat or outside putting in the miles. Nothing gets in their way of a good workout. This workout type is ubiquitous in every fitness setting, but can usually be found working out between 5:00 and 7:00am on the weekdays…stretching it to 6:00 to 8:00am on the weekends because that’s just how they roll. Don’t be surprised if they’re tried and true triathletes or runners. If they’re not endurance junkies, then they’re simply buff.

The Inconspicuous
This is the type that flies under the radar as much as possible…intentionally.  Their workouts are thoughtful and efficient, but certainly not meant to be a social hour. If they’re a gym-goer, they walk in, get right down to business, and walk out. That’s it. No frills about it, but it works!