Who knew that writing a blog all about health, fitness and good-for-you foods would be so much fun? I can't believe another year is nearly over. In the past year, this blog has taken me to The TODAY Show to chat with Hoda and Kathy Lee, every network in Chicago to talk food and fitness and on the air with numerous radio shows all across the country. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read TDM! I've had a chance to get to know some really great health-minded people from all across the world. Again, thank you all so much. No doubt, 2012 will be loaded with much more.



Here are the top ten most popular TDM blog posts of 2011.

10. Foods that Energize Your Workouts: Think whole, healthy and full of power!

9. 4 Tips to Re-Shape Your Body: ...and eating less isn't one of the tips.

8. 2 Medicine Ball Exercises Your Abs will Love: One hard little ball can really put a dent or two in your abs.

7. Confessions from the Locker Room: Nope, has nothing (really) to do with workouts or eating right, rather peculiar locker room behavior.

6. Stephanie Howell: How I Lost 145 Pounds: Pure motivation. Not a surprise that Stephanie's story pulled in at #6.

5. The Best Adult Dessert Ever: Raw Brownies: Take a bow, Beth Aldrich. Your recipe made the ranks among readers (aka chocolate lovers).

4. No Excuses (Shred-Like) Workout #21: WARNING - reading this Shred 415 workout may make you sweat profusely. Who's done this workout? Whaddya think?

3. Is the Breakfast You're Eating Right for Your Body?: Fat-free cereal and skim milk is NOT the breakfast of champions. Which breakfast is right for you?

2. Say 'Bye Bye Belly Fat' with These 3 Changes: I posted this last week - and it was viral by the next day. If you didn't catch it, now's your chance.

1. Foods That Are Right for Your Body Type: The topic that had me on The TODAY Show - what foods are right for your body type? No, we shouldn't all eat the same.